Online brokerage has revolutionized the sphere of finance. Gone are elitism and the privileges reserved for only a few, the world of finance opens up to all. Economic democratization is emerging. However, a right has a reality only if it is associated with skills required in the field that it is claimed to conquer. It was on this basis that live, functional and accessible online trading platforms such as ActivBroker were developed. They offer a simple access to trading and a great freedom of action. The power of potential traders is made possible by judicious and relevant means of learning and advice. What are they?

The trader's need: INFORMATION

Defining its investment objective according to its budget and its strategies are the first steps of learning to trading. The trader will learn to measure the risks that he is prepared to take without exposing himself to consequences prejudicial to his budget that he has previously fixed. The decision-making power that belongs to him gives the trader an important responsibility. Thanks to online brokerage and education, the trader appreciates what is good for him, and intelligently decides what actions to take to improve his portfolio.

Online brokerage developed educational tools

Developing knowledge or learning about trading is now possible online. The completely free "demo account " put the novice trader in situations that allow him to acquire very quickly a know-how that has nothing virtual. The trader who does not put any capital gains very quickly a self-control allowing him to access, as soon as he feels ready, to the effective stock market and therefore to greatness.

Targeted training on technical analysis and trading logic

The online courses have been enriched with numerous technical training courses offered to future traders. They specify the emerging trends, based on the starting data and the calculated projections. They teach the mastery of indicators and the anticipation of trends. Adapted to the different skill levels, these training courses are valuable tools that enable the traders' autonomy and insight in their decisions.