Opinions of ActivBroker customers

The ActivBroker platform attracts many customers to whom it wishes to provide the best services. In order to measure the satisfaction index of our customers, we collected the opinions of users of the ActivBroker platform. Men and women with diverse profiles, young or not, from diverse professional backgrounds, savvy or aspiring traders, who have tested the platform and have given us their opinions. For some of them, online trading was a first. For numerous others, it has already been experimented through other brokers. They were therefore able to give us their opinion on the broker ActivBroker. Their opinions are generally satisfactory

Some of the opinions with collected on ActivBroker:

Gary Lopez, Librarian 32yo: fast and simple platform.

When trading with forex, the most important factors are: an extensive list of assets, good trading hours and good trading rates, good speed on the site, good accounting, technical and customer support and, even more importantly, the mutual trust necessary for the client to sleep soundly, assured that his money is in good hands. activbroker.com is the 5th platform I have tried, but I rank it 1st on all the points mentioned above. Thank you!

Sylvie Bosch, Supervisor (retail business) 35yo: good return on my investments.

I am extremely surprised at the simplicity of investment! High or low - it's easy. The impeccable customer service is always ready to give tips on stocks and provide other services 24 hours a day, which is one more reason I prefer ActivBroker to other sites I have tried. I wouldn't change anything.

Arthur Bell, Agri-food industry: feedback on ActivBroker

I had saved about 7000 euros and did not have an urgent need. So I decided to put them to "work". By browsing the web, I was interested in online investments that combined investment and fast cash. This is how I started trading with many brokers. The platform that convinced me most was ActivBroker. The fact that I have earned more than others in fact may have influenced me, but it's especially the way it was made possible by the broker that I want to emphasize. The platform is easy to access and very communicating. Compliance with settlement deadlines and clear explanations on internal operations are for me tangible indicators of the seriousness of this broker. All this to say that I have a positive opinion on this broker.

Caroline Risi, Stay-at-home mom 37yo: my opinion as a newbie.

I started trading on a stock exchange following a conversation I had with a couple of friends about forex trading. I can't say I am an expert on the subject, but what I like particularly with activbroker is the relational aspect. Whether I win or lose, a financial analyst tells me why and I feel I am making progress. I find this broker comfortable and reassuring

Philippe Ducru, Programmer 48yo: a young broker with a bright future.

I am a regular user of binary options and cfd platforms, maybe a little too much according to my wife. I love trading and I have a sense of daring. I discovered ActivBroker on a blog. I liked the frankness of one of the analysts questioned. So I registered on this platform. The guy was not lying, they really play on the customer relationship. I was taken by hand and taken especially seriously. The educational courses are not of a very high level but remain effective. One feels that the goal is to build loyalty and create a climate of confidence. My opinion is that ActivBroker is a young broker who has yet to prove itself, but which I hope will keep its current freshness.