The online stock market although offering today massive access, imposes to apply certain tricks approved by traders to win. These tricks make the difference between an informed trader and a disoriented trader. That's why we have listed some useful and relevant points to make you an informed trader. This is nothing but a constructive dynamics put in motion put at the service of a defined objective that will impose itself as obvious.

Build a tailor-made plan

Developing a tailor-made trading plan is the first step you need to focus on. Defining your own trading budget and determining your earnings goals are crucial preliminary decisions before you start. These decisions will guarantee your freedom of action and serenity in the framework you have set beforehand.

Exercise on a demo account

Serious trading platforms offer traders the opportunity to practice on an online trading tool to simulate trades. It is an appreciable concrete exercise which allows a gradual immersion and without any risk for your capital. It is thus preserved the time for you to acquire the necessary mastery to pass in real mode in all serenity.

Keep regularly informed on financial news

Invest on your trading formation

A popular say goes "forewarned is forearmed". What is a true common sense slogan is a testament to the importance of relevant and appropriate training, especially in the field of online stock exchange. The training makes all the difference between a neophyte and a seasoned trader. That is the key to the stock market. This is why ActivBroker is committed, like other serious platforms, to provide its customers with clear, structured, progressive training modules.

Keep a journal of your investments

This is a great way to gain perspective. You will be able to analyze your gains and losses if necessary. By analyzing the reasons for your successes and your failures, you will acquire insight into your future trades. At a time when online trading is exploding, never lose sight of the fact that efficient trading is based on two unavoidable added values: trading training and discipline.